'Creepy girl' pocket letter.

Hi again! This week I've made a 'creepy girl' pocket letter for a swap with a person I found on the pocketletterpals.com site. I love drawing creepy girls, it's just so fun for some reason! My swap buddy likes green and skulls, so I could finally use up some of the skull stickers I've received in an swap ages ago, which was nice.

Here are some close-ups of the pocket letter:

I really like it! I think it turned out just the right amount of creepy and weird.

Here are some of the things I used to make this pocket letter. The Faber Castell gelato are so much fun to paint with, I often use them with a bit of gesso and the colors turn out super nice! Definitely would recommend them!

<3 Josso


How to start a bullet journal.

I got a request to show how one can start a bullet journal, so here it is! It is super easy, all you need is a notebook, a pen and some decorations or pretty washi tapes (if you want, it is of course not necessary).

Step one is to make a 'Future log'. This is the page where you can write down your plans that are in another month. There are lots of different layouts for future logs but I enjoy a simple one where I just write down the names of the months. It works for me.

Next step is a monthly view. I always make a new monthly view at the start of the month and then I just go back to my future log and look what I have planned for the month and transfer the tasks to the monthly view.

Here I've just listed the dates under each other and glued in a tiny calendar.

Next step is the fun part of a bullet journal - add any lists, challenges or trackers or anything that you like. It might be a "Books I've read this month", Tv-shows I should watch", "Mood tracker" or whatever you can think of! Here I've made a "Happiness list" where I write down one thing I'm happy about each day.

Then we've come to the 'Weekly log'. I make a new one each Sunday and plan the whole week. Right now I love this kind of layout with circles so it's easy to see when I'm doing what and how much time I have left over. 

Here's a close up on my Monday circle. It starts at 9.00 in the morning and ends at 20.00 at the evening. When I have a task for a specific time I just draw a line from the time and write the task next to it.

Here's a easy way to decorate and a great place to start if you're a newbie to planners and planner decorating  - washi tape. Buy a couple of washi tapes and you will see that it adds sooo much to the page. Here I've used 3 different kinds and it already looks a lot more fun than before.

If you want to add some stickers and some more bits and pieces it might look like this! Super cute and easy. If you don't have lots of supplies home you can cut out pictures from magazines or use paper with nice colors. It doesn't have to (and shouldn't) be a burden to decorate. It's just an extra personal touch to your bullet journal. Try not to make it too perfect. If you mess up there's always a new week to try again.

One great tip is to color in how long a task takes and maybe use different colors for different kinds of tasks. I use for example red for meetings or seminars and green for household work.

Now some people also make 'daily logs' that they fill in every day. Here is what one daily log could look like. In the right corner you can see the 'key' to bullet journaling that many people use. I don't usually make a daily log at all cause I don't have that many tasks to do in a day so it feels a bit unnecessary, but if you're a super busy person you could try it!

That was the basics of how I bullet journal. If you're still confused about something just ask me in the comments! There are also loads of Youtube videos that explain thoroughly how you can start your own bullet journal.

<3 Josso


My bullet journal.

Since I last wrote about my calendar I have abandoned it a bit and started a bullet journal instead. I love, love the bullet journal system and if you haven't heard about it go look at a video about it on youtube! It is a very simple and customizable system that works way better for me than the filofax did. For my bullet journal I use this traveler's notebook I bought from Flying Tiger with two inserts. In the picture you can also see some of my favorite post-it notes.

I have one insert where I write about past events - memories, what I've been doing every day and stuff like that. The 'future' insert is my calendar where I every week on Sunday make a new weekly spread and decorate it with washi tape, stickers and other fun things.

Here you can see what one of my monthly 'memory' spreads can look like. I write about what I've been doing every day. I've been doing this since December now and it is really fun to look back on and remember all the things I've done.

Here is a couple of my weekly spreads. I often try different types of spreads that I've seen on Pinterest or Instagram but now I've started to love this "circle-spread" so much that I don't wanna use anything else. It's super useful when I can easily see how much time I have instead of just making one long list with everything I should do. I try not to be such a perfectionist when I make my spreads cause the focus should be on being more effective with the calendar, not to make it the most prettiest calendar ever. As you can see I have one week tried to keep a track on how much water I drink, I'm often so bad at drinking water, but that didn't really work cause I just forgot all the time to write how many glasses I've been drinking. The best thing about bullet journals is that you can always change them so they are the most useful for you.

<3 Josso


Traveler's notebook insert.

This notebook was also made for my snail mail friend Katrin. It is an insert for her traveler's notebook that she can use anyway she feels like. I made the cover with watercolor paper and Dylusions ink sprays. I painted the girl with water colors and added a couple of stickers here and there. Oh and I also stamped some dots and patterns on the cover.  To the left in the picture is some of the goodies I included. A pencil, some leftover scraps of paper she can use in the insert, copper bulldog clips and a tiny roll of washi tape. Here is a couple of pictures of what it looks like inside:

I used all kinds of papers, plastic page protectors and pictures from magazines. I really like the messy look it got. 

And here is the back of it. Reminds me of the northern lights! I love to play with the ink sprays, they are sooo much fun and almost everything you make with them becomes cool! Right now I only have two colors but I definitely plan to buy some more in the future.

<3 Josso

Valentine's envelope flipbook.

A few weeks ago I made a 'envelope flipbook' swap with my friend Katrin. In this Youtube video you can see how you make one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsEx-QUAIRU Basically it's made with four envelopes glued together and some pretty paper. Inside the envelopes you can add some goodies for your penpal so it is a really fun thing to make if you like sending snail mail. I really enjoyed making it and I think it turned out cute! 

Here is what you see when you flip the first part open. I added some bling stickers for Katrin to use. 

The next part flipped open. Here I added some more goodies.

And the last part flipped open. I think this might be my favorite part of it. I love the telephone paper I used. 

And here we have the back of the flipbook when it is all folded up. Used some twine to keep it together. This paper is also one of my favorites! 

<3 Josso


The return of the Josso.

Hi everyone! I've been absent from my blog for quite some time now, I have struggled with anxiety and depression and didn't have the energy to craft or blog or do anything for a long time. But I got professional help and now I am feeling so much better, so don't worry about me. :--)

I wanted to start blogging again cause I feel like it is so fun to store all of the things I am creating somewhere so I can look at them anytime I want. Of course it is also fun if someone comments on my amazing creations once in a while. ;) But yes, that was all I wanted to tell you now. Stay tuned for more blogposts in the next couple of weeks! If you have any questions or suggestions on blogposts just write me a comment.

<3 Josso

Ps. The picture is of my new stickers from the sticker subscription club Pipsticks I recently joined. If you're interested in joining I have a 5 dollar coupon I can e-mail you. It costs about 15 dollars per month and the postage to Europe is only 3 dollars! Really amazing! (And no I'm not sponsored, lol, I wish...  :D)


My autumn/winter planner

Hi guys! I wanted to show you how I updated my planner for the winter. Actually it turned out a bit autumny but I don't mind cause autumn is anyways my favorite season. For my birthday I got those awesome and super cute whale sticky notes from my friend from Germany. They're soo adorable, I love them!! In my planner I also have my collection of my favorite paper clips so I can look at them every day! 
I made the front page out of a flowery paper, added some washi around the borders so it shouldn't get ruined when I use it or when I have it in my bag, and added some stickers and my cute bow paperclip. I used a hot glue gun to get the leaves to stick to the page, but they later fell off so I don't really know how I will stick them to the page... If anyone has any suggestions leave me a comment.

 To mark which week it is I used a piece of a pocket page protector and just added some paper and stickers.

And here is a divider I made. Nothing too complicated, just pretty paper and a couple of stickers. I'm so happy with the result, I love the color combination and now I just want to use my planner all the time! 

Sorry about the picture quality but winter is here and because I live in Finland it is dark almost all the time and therefore impossible to take good pictures with my phone. Just bear with me.

<3 Josso