Pattern themed pocket letter

Here's a pocket letter I've recently made to my lovely friend in Germany! In this pocket letter I wanted to play with my new stamps and stencils that I got from me and my husbands trip to Stockholm a few weeks ago. We went there to see the LCS finals (It's the European finals in the computer game League of Legends where two teams, with five players each, compete against each other) and it was an awesome trip! The cat with the fishbowl and the small monsters are some of my new stamps and I love them. They're so cute! I'm sorry I don't have any close-ups of the pockets but I already sent it away to Germany, I hope you still are able to see the details. If you click on the picture it should get bigger. I love patterns so this pocket letter was really, really fun to make! Definitely wanna make more pocket letters with the same theme in the future.

<3 Josso


Painting - creature with wavy hair

This is a painting I've been working on for quite some time. I think I started painting it a few years ago but I never got satisfied with the way it looked. This summer I found it and started to paint on it again, changed color of the hair and the background and this was the result.

I added some black details on the background and with a white pen I drew the contours of the face and the hair. I think adding some white messy lines to a painting makes it so much more interesting.

I think it turned out quite nice. I really like how the colors go together. When I paint I'm often more concerned over that the colors are nice and the picture is balanced, rather than that the face should be shadowed in the right places and look real. I don't feel I have the patience for thinking about how the light falls on the face, but I guess it's something I could work on. If you have any tips or tricks for me please leave a comment.

<3 Josso


Cute and easy to make shaker pocket card

Yesterday I made a shaker pocket card filled with red and blue sequins. It was super easy to make and It turned out quite cute! Just cut out one of the pockets from a plastic pocket page (the ones with nine pockets), fill it with sequins and use some sticky tape to close it. I used a stapler to attach it to the card stock and then I decorated it with a cute sticker and some other stuff.

Here's the back of it, I just glued the same blue and white striped paper to the back and added a few hearts. This card might look even better with white card stock, but this was the color I had at hand.

I think cards with shaker pockets are much more fun than normal cards. After I made this card I've gotten every now and then the craving to pick it up and give it a good shake. The sound of the sequins is so satisfying somehow, haha (no, I'm not crazy I promise!).

If you're from Finland and don't know where to find the plastic pocket pages, I've seen them at least at Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Akademiska bokhandeln and in board game stores like Fantasia pelit. I think they're about 4 euros for 10 pocket pages. If all else fails you can buy them online from Fantasia pelit's site.

<3 Josso


My drawing process - creepy H.P. Lovecraft inspired monster

Hi guys,
I wanted to share with you how I usually draw stuff. This is probably not how you "should" do it, but it is how I like to do it. I enjoy mostly the process of drawing and messing around with colors, it doesn't matter to me so much how the final result looks like. Of course I get happy if it turns out great, but it's not the most important part.

First I make a quick sketch. In this case I chose to draw a Cthulhu/H.P. Lovecraft inspired monster.

When I'm done with the sketch I go over it with a fine drawing pen and erase the rest. This is probably when the drawing is at it's ugliest form.

The next step is to use different shades of grey for the shading. I like to use the Deleter Neopiko 2 markers with a brush and a fine tip, but the brush has been falling apart on some of my markers so I'm not sure I would recommend them. Maybe there's some other brand that has better quality markers? Write me a comment if you know of any good ones cause mine are soon running out.

Next I do some more shading by using a very thin drawing pen and adding criss-crosses so it will look a bit like it's from a comic. I really like that kind of look and I think it adds so much interest to the drawing.

The next part is the coloring. I use Deleter Neopiko 2 markers and some Promarkers. I try to always add some accent color so the picture is more interesting to look at. I don't have so many shades of colors cause the markers are super expensive, so that is why I prefer to do the shading in grey first so the picture doesn't get flat.

After the coloring I add some white to the picture with a gel pen. I trace the contours and a add white to a few places where it needs to be a bit lighter, where i think the light would fall on the creature.

Then I go ham. As it is some kind of monster it needed some dramatic background. I also added some more details with the white pen and made the "dress" on the monster longer. And then it's done!

I think it's fun to add some graphic element to my drawings. This is a pattern which I saw someone on Youtube use and I thought it was cool.

Here's a close-up on the monsters face. As you can see I'm not making any perfect lines, I like a more messy kind of look.

What do you think about the result? I think it turned out quite cool! Just tell me if you want to see more of these step-by-step drawings, I think it was a really fun blog post to make!

<3 Josso


What is a pocket letter?

Pocket letters aren't the most well known kind of letter, especially here in Finland, so I thought I'd in this blog post could try to explain exactly what a pocket letter is and how you can make one. I'm really addicted to making them at the moment. In short it is a creative kind of letter where you combine scrapbooking/painting/drawing and writing a letter. You don't have to be good at scrapbooking to be able to make one, cause it's super easy and you can make one as simple or complicated as you like. Here is a example of what a pocket letter can look like:

As you can see a pocket letter is made with one of those plastic pocket pages where you usually store for example baseball cards, pokémon cards and such, but now you have filled it with beautiful paper and it becomes kind of like an artwork in itself. There's millions of different ways you can do a pocket letter. For example you can draw a picture in each of the pockets, paint a big picture and then cut it up in nine pieces so there's one for each pocket, make collages from magazines, print pictures and put one in each pocket etc. There's so much room for creativity in these kinds of letters. 

Here I've made a pocket with a tiny doodle of me out of shrink plastic. Often you want to write something about yourself in the pocket letter so the recipient gets to know you better, as you would do in a normal letter.

One of the fun parts with pocket letters is that you don't only include a letter in it, but also some small goodies that the recipient can for example use in his or her next pocket letter. Usually people include tea bags, some stickers, paper cut-outs, embellishments, pretty paper and all kinds of fun stuff that can fit into the pockets. I usually try to make the front side of the pocket letter pretty and decorated and behind each of the pockets I include some small goodies so the pocket letter doesn't get ruined when you take out the goodies. You don't have to include any goodies if you for example can't afford it, as long as you communicate with the person you're going to swap pocket letters with so he or she is aware of it. With the goodies you can also be as creative as you like as long as it fits in the pockets. 

Here's another pocket letter I've made. As you can see I've included the letter in the second pocket, in the third pocket I made a "shaker-pocket" which is a pocket filled with some sequins and stars and closed with a bit of sticky tape. Behind one of the pockets I included some fun stuff, in one there's some stickers and behind another is a tea bag. In the last pocket I wrote a bit about myself.

Another thing that I like about pocket letters is that they are so easy to store. When I got normal letters when I was younger I had no idea where to put them so I just threw them in a box and never read them again. With these you can just take a binder and store them all in there and it's easy to look at them whenever you feel like it. Some people like to for example collect different themed pocket letters or they can try to get pocket letters from as many countries as they can. I myself don't have any specific goal with making these, I just like to get snail mail and to make people happy. 

When you have finished making a pocket letter and are ready to send it, you just fold it up (so it looks like only one row of pockets) so it fits in one of these normal sized envelopes. The postage is usually for me (from Finland) around 1,5-3€ depending on which country you are sending it to and how heavy it is. 

If you're still confused about this weird pocket letter-thingy you can search in youtube for pocket letter tutorials and you'll understand it better. Youtube is also a great place to find inspiration for the pocket letters. To find someone to swap a pocket letter with, just go to www.pocketletterpals.com or search for a pocket letter group in Facebook. If you want to swap a pocket letter with me, just send me an e-mail or write a comment and I will gladly swap with you. 

<3 Josso


My new blog - Josso creates

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my new blog about painting, drawing, craft, scrapbooking, making pocket letters and all kinds of fun creative projects. I'm by no means a professional in any of this, but I really enjoy creating and using my creativity even though it just becomes a mess sometimes. In this blog I'm mostly going to share my projects, thoughts and inspiration, but I can also write about other themes if you guys want me to.

For those of you who do not know me I can tell a bit about myself. My name is Josefin, but my nickname is Josso and that's what almost all of my friends call me. I'm 22 years old, I live in a town called Åbo in Finland with my husband Rasmus and I study Nordic Ethnology at university. Almost no one I've met has a clue what Ethnology is, but it's about studying the human being as a cultural being and for example study how culture is being expressed in every-day life. It's so, so fascinating. In my spare time I like to read, be creative, watch youtube videos (mostly gaming videos, I'm a bit of a nerd), play board games, go for walks and drink coffee with my friends. I'm a Christian and I'm the leader of the creative team in my church, which is fun! We plan and make the decorations for events and stuff like that. I speak Swedish, Finnish and English but I chose to write this blog in English in order to gain international success. ;) Nah, but I've gotten many friends from all over the world through pocket letters, and I would like them to understand what I'm writing too. If you struggle with understanding English, just click the translate button to the right and choose whatever language you prefer.

This is what I look like. The picture is from our wedding so it's a couple of years old. Photo by Julia Lillqvist.

This is what Åbo looks like in the autumn and what my husband looked like for about three years ago (he looks so tiny!).

I will try to write as often as I have something to share with you, but sometimes it can take a bit longer between the posts if I don't have time to draw/paint/craft. It will help me out a lot if you could make a comment about what you are interested in reading about. :) And also, please tell me if something in this blog looks weird or doesn't work so I will know to fix that. 

See you!