Cute and easy to make shaker pocket card

Yesterday I made a shaker pocket card filled with red and blue sequins. It was super easy to make and It turned out quite cute! Just cut out one of the pockets from a plastic pocket page (the ones with nine pockets), fill it with sequins and use some sticky tape to close it. I used a stapler to attach it to the card stock and then I decorated it with a cute sticker and some other stuff.

Here's the back of it, I just glued the same blue and white striped paper to the back and added a few hearts. This card might look even better with white card stock, but this was the color I had at hand.

I think cards with shaker pockets are much more fun than normal cards. After I made this card I've gotten every now and then the craving to pick it up and give it a good shake. The sound of the sequins is so satisfying somehow, haha (no, I'm not crazy I promise!).

If you're from Finland and don't know where to find the plastic pocket pages, I've seen them at least at Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Akademiska bokhandeln and in board game stores like Fantasia pelit. I think they're about 4 euros for 10 pocket pages. If all else fails you can buy them online from Fantasia pelit's site.

<3 Josso


  1. Nice idea! Love the colours, especially with the craft cardstock :)
    And such a nice anchor-banner (mmhhh- where have I seen this pattern before? xD)

    1. Thank you! Haha, I wonder where. ;)

  2. Svar: Hej, jo jag använder ritplatta då jag ritar digitalt, och ritprogrammet paint tool sai =)