My drawing process - creepy H.P. Lovecraft inspired monster

Hi guys,
I wanted to share with you how I usually draw stuff. This is probably not how you "should" do it, but it is how I like to do it. I enjoy mostly the process of drawing and messing around with colors, it doesn't matter to me so much how the final result looks like. Of course I get happy if it turns out great, but it's not the most important part.

First I make a quick sketch. In this case I chose to draw a Cthulhu/H.P. Lovecraft inspired monster.

When I'm done with the sketch I go over it with a fine drawing pen and erase the rest. This is probably when the drawing is at it's ugliest form.

The next step is to use different shades of grey for the shading. I like to use the Deleter Neopiko 2 markers with a brush and a fine tip, but the brush has been falling apart on some of my markers so I'm not sure I would recommend them. Maybe there's some other brand that has better quality markers? Write me a comment if you know of any good ones cause mine are soon running out.

Next I do some more shading by using a very thin drawing pen and adding criss-crosses so it will look a bit like it's from a comic. I really like that kind of look and I think it adds so much interest to the drawing.

The next part is the coloring. I use Deleter Neopiko 2 markers and some Promarkers. I try to always add some accent color so the picture is more interesting to look at. I don't have so many shades of colors cause the markers are super expensive, so that is why I prefer to do the shading in grey first so the picture doesn't get flat.

After the coloring I add some white to the picture with a gel pen. I trace the contours and a add white to a few places where it needs to be a bit lighter, where i think the light would fall on the creature.

Then I go ham. As it is some kind of monster it needed some dramatic background. I also added some more details with the white pen and made the "dress" on the monster longer. And then it's done!

I think it's fun to add some graphic element to my drawings. This is a pattern which I saw someone on Youtube use and I thought it was cool.

Here's a close-up on the monsters face. As you can see I'm not making any perfect lines, I like a more messy kind of look.

What do you think about the result? I think it turned out quite cool! Just tell me if you want to see more of these step-by-step drawings, I think it was a really fun blog post to make!

<3 Josso