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Hi everyone,
Welcome to my new blog about painting, drawing, craft, scrapbooking, making pocket letters and all kinds of fun creative projects. I'm by no means a professional in any of this, but I really enjoy creating and using my creativity even though it just becomes a mess sometimes. In this blog I'm mostly going to share my projects, thoughts and inspiration, but I can also write about other themes if you guys want me to.

For those of you who do not know me I can tell a bit about myself. My name is Josefin, but my nickname is Josso and that's what almost all of my friends call me. I'm 22 years old, I live in a town called Åbo in Finland with my husband Rasmus and I study Nordic Ethnology at university. Almost no one I've met has a clue what Ethnology is, but it's about studying the human being as a cultural being and for example study how culture is being expressed in every-day life. It's so, so fascinating. In my spare time I like to read, be creative, watch youtube videos (mostly gaming videos, I'm a bit of a nerd), play board games, go for walks and drink coffee with my friends. I'm a Christian and I'm the leader of the creative team in my church, which is fun! We plan and make the decorations for events and stuff like that. I speak Swedish, Finnish and English but I chose to write this blog in English in order to gain international success. ;) Nah, but I've gotten many friends from all over the world through pocket letters, and I would like them to understand what I'm writing too. If you struggle with understanding English, just click the translate button to the right and choose whatever language you prefer.

This is what I look like. The picture is from our wedding so it's a couple of years old. Photo by Julia Lillqvist.

This is what Åbo looks like in the autumn and what my husband looked like for about three years ago (he looks so tiny!).

I will try to write as often as I have something to share with you, but sometimes it can take a bit longer between the posts if I don't have time to draw/paint/craft. It will help me out a lot if you could make a comment about what you are interested in reading about. :) And also, please tell me if something in this blog looks weird or doesn't work so I will know to fix that. 

See you! 

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