Pattern themed pocket letter

Here's a pocket letter I've recently made to my lovely friend in Germany! In this pocket letter I wanted to play with my new stamps and stencils that I got from me and my husbands trip to Stockholm a few weeks ago. We went there to see the LCS finals (It's the European finals in the computer game League of Legends where two teams, with five players each, compete against each other) and it was an awesome trip! The cat with the fishbowl and the small monsters are some of my new stamps and I love them. They're so cute! I'm sorry I don't have any close-ups of the pockets but I already sent it away to Germany, I hope you still are able to see the details. If you click on the picture it should get bigger. I love patterns so this pocket letter was really, really fun to make! Definitely wanna make more pocket letters with the same theme in the future.

<3 Josso

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