Received pocket letter - Neon and patterns

 I want to share with you this beautiful pocket letter I received from my friend from Germany. Her name is Sizu on Pocketletterpals.com, if you also want to swap with her. ;) The pocket letter came wrapped with some cute paper and a couple of brochures about her hometown, I thought that was a really fun idea to include in a pocket letter!

Here's the pocket letter. The theme for this one was neon and I think it it really fun and colorful! I love it! Here are some close-ups of the pockets:

In the pocket to the left is a notebook that she has made! So cute! And I love all the stickers she sent me.

And when I turned over the pocket letter to look at the other side there was a surprise for me! She had decorated the back too with another theme. So I got an two in one pocket letter, yay! And this side was also so, so beautiful. I love black and white patterns. Some close-ups:

Look at the bow paperclip! So adorable. And the washi tape is so cool. I could use black and white polka dotted washi on everything.

Look! She even included a gift to Rasmus. How thoughtful isn't that? She's such a lovely person! Thanks again for the pocket letter Sizu! Looking forward to swapping with you again!

<3 Josso


  1. Hey Josso,
    thank you for all your nice words :)
    Looking forward to our next swap!

  2. Hey Josso,
    thank you for your nice words. I'm really honored to see my PL for you on your Blog :)
    Looking forward to our next swap!