Colorful flower painting

Here is a really easy painting I made a while ago. It is so simple to make, really anyone could do it. First you just have to make a background, I used red, turquoise and orange and added a couple of stripes of washi tape. After that I used some white paint (you could use gesso too) to make the background more calm so the flowers would pop out a bit more. When you're satisfied with the background it's just to doodle a couple of flowers and maybe a tree or whatever you feel like. Use different colors to color in what you've drawn and let it dry. When it is dry go over your doodles again with a black gel pen and draw every line twice so it looks like it's meant to be a bit messy (that's the secret to doodling!). After that I like to use a white gel pen to add some lines and details. Last but not least, to make it more whimsical and messy, splatter some white and black paint over it and then you're done! I like how summery and cute it became. If you like you could also add some silver glitter to it, that would probably look really cool as well.

<3 Josso


My budget version of a Filofax style planner

In the crafty world planners are really popular, especially Filofax style planners in which you can add your own papers and inserts and customize however you feel like. I've been on youtube for too many hours watching videos of beautiful Filofaxes, how people decorate them and make them so, so pretty and cute. The problem is that I'm a student and you really don't get rich from studying (even if you live in Finland where the universities are free) and real Filofaxes can be very expensive. Luckily I found in Suomalainen kirjakauppa ("the Finnish bookstore") a notebook that you can open and add pages to, exactly like a Filofax. And it was only 10 €, hurray!

This is how my planner looks like when you open it. The "love this" sign, the paperclips and the tabs I've all gotten from different pocket letter swaps as goodies. The elephant paperclip is my favorite, it's sooo cute!! I wanted to have a pink/orange/yellow theme for the planner with some mint green details and I really like how it turned out, i like that color combination. These kinds of planners are fun cause next year I can just use the same cover but make new inserts. I think next years planner will be a white, black and mint green themed!

To easier find the right page for the week it currently is I made a shaker pocket filled with some matching stars and sequins. I used a pocket letter page and cut out one of the small pockets. Then I just filled it and closed it with some washi tape. Really easy to do and it makes planning more fun!

Here is one of the pages I made for the planner. In order to make the holes for the page I just used one of the calendar pages as a model and marked where the holes should go and then I used a normal hole punch. There's really no need to buy one of those expensive 6-hole punches.

That was a small peak into my planner! If you're interested in seeing more planner-related stuff, just leave me a comment so I know.

<3 Josso


Autumn pocket letter

Here is a pocket letter I made to my friend a couple of weeks ago. The theme we had decided on was autumn. I had recently bought these cool robot stickers you can see in the pocket letter, so I wanted to use them and then I happened to get some halloween stuff in another pocket letter so I thought I could use those as well. The result is a bit scary and a bit funny, haha, but I still like it!

<3 Josso


My art journal - page 2

Hi! My studies are keeping me busy but here I am again!
Here are two more pages from my art journal. In the first one I just played with color, I made the page to write down some "rules" for my art journal so I don't take the journal too seriously and try to make every single page super pretty. The second one is inspired by a guy named Bob Ross who hosted a painting show in the 90's. They had a couple of weeks ago a 9 day long marathon on Twitch.tv with all seasons of his show, it was hilarious to watch cause he's so funny and warm hearted. If you want to check his show out you can find lots of videos on Youtube. Anyways, he loved to paint trees and "happy little bushes" so I tried to paint some too! I love how the tree turned out so cute! I also added a super-sized bird, haha. Realized afterwards how big it became compared to the tree.

So far I really like art journaling so I might in December do a "December daily" thingy were I try to do some art journaling everyday 'til Christmas. But I have to see how much time I will have. 

<3 Josso


My art journal

Hi guys! I'm sorry there hasn't been any updates for a while, but now I'm back with some art-stuff to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago I watched a video where someone flipped through their art journal and I thought that an art journal sounded like a fun idea to try. Basically it's a book where you can play around with color, try new techniques or just doodle a bit and also for example write about you week, your day or some thoughts: like a diary combined with art. If you want to know more about art journaling and how to get started just google it and you'll find lots of information. 

Here is my first two pages in my art journal. The book I use is just a cheap one from Tiger, it has a bit thicker pages than a normal book and works fine as long as the pages doesn't get too wet.