Colorful flower painting

Here is a really easy painting I made a while ago. It is so simple to make, really anyone could do it. First you just have to make a background, I used red, turquoise and orange and added a couple of stripes of washi tape. After that I used some white paint (you could use gesso too) to make the background more calm so the flowers would pop out a bit more. When you're satisfied with the background it's just to doodle a couple of flowers and maybe a tree or whatever you feel like. Use different colors to color in what you've drawn and let it dry. When it is dry go over your doodles again with a black gel pen and draw every line twice so it looks like it's meant to be a bit messy (that's the secret to doodling!). After that I like to use a white gel pen to add some lines and details. Last but not least, to make it more whimsical and messy, splatter some white and black paint over it and then you're done! I like how summery and cute it became. If you like you could also add some silver glitter to it, that would probably look really cool as well.

<3 Josso