My art journal - page 2

Hi! My studies are keeping me busy but here I am again!
Here are two more pages from my art journal. In the first one I just played with color, I made the page to write down some "rules" for my art journal so I don't take the journal too seriously and try to make every single page super pretty. The second one is inspired by a guy named Bob Ross who hosted a painting show in the 90's. They had a couple of weeks ago a 9 day long marathon on Twitch.tv with all seasons of his show, it was hilarious to watch cause he's so funny and warm hearted. If you want to check his show out you can find lots of videos on Youtube. Anyways, he loved to paint trees and "happy little bushes" so I tried to paint some too! I love how the tree turned out so cute! I also added a super-sized bird, haha. Realized afterwards how big it became compared to the tree.

So far I really like art journaling so I might in December do a "December daily" thingy were I try to do some art journaling everyday 'til Christmas. But I have to see how much time I will have. 

<3 Josso

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  1. Yeah, Bob Ross is a funny guy and your bushes are looking very happy ;)
    Love the colours and how you put all together, great!!!
    Uhhh, great idea! A december daily is so much fun.
    Sizu =)