My autumn/winter planner

Hi guys! I wanted to show you how I updated my planner for the winter. Actually it turned out a bit autumny but I don't mind cause autumn is anyways my favorite season. For my birthday I got those awesome and super cute whale sticky notes from my friend from Germany. They're soo adorable, I love them!! In my planner I also have my collection of my favorite paper clips so I can look at them every day! 
I made the front page out of a flowery paper, added some washi around the borders so it shouldn't get ruined when I use it or when I have it in my bag, and added some stickers and my cute bow paperclip. I used a hot glue gun to get the leaves to stick to the page, but they later fell off so I don't really know how I will stick them to the page... If anyone has any suggestions leave me a comment.

 To mark which week it is I used a piece of a pocket page protector and just added some paper and stickers.

And here is a divider I made. Nothing too complicated, just pretty paper and a couple of stickers. I'm so happy with the result, I love the color combination and now I just want to use my planner all the time! 

Sorry about the picture quality but winter is here and because I live in Finland it is dark almost all the time and therefore impossible to take good pictures with my phone. Just bear with me.

<3 Josso


Super colorful pocket letter

I'm back with another pocket letter I'd like to share with you. This one took a really long time to make cause I drew the whole background myself and colored it in. Then I used all kinds of cute colorful embellishments and added some black details. The happy cheese down to the right is a magnet! I love all the colors in this pocket letter, there's so much to look at. 

By the way, if you have any questions about me, pocket letters or anything just leave me a comment and I will answer them as quickly as I can. 

<3 Josso


Received pocket letter - Advent calendar

 Here is a wonderful pocket letter I received from my German friend. It is an advent calendar pocket letter, so each day in December I get to open a pocket with some fun goodies in it, super fun! I love this color combination so much and all the animals are cute. So adorable paper! And the glitter she put on the side of the pocket letter is an awesome idea.

This is only the first part of the calendar, there's still two more waiting for me! Can't wait to see how they look, it's really hard not to open them already, haha. And isn't that the cutest wrapping paper?

Hope you will have a lovely December.
<3 Josso