How to start a bullet journal.

I got a request to show how one can start a bullet journal, so here it is! It is super easy, all you need is a notebook, a pen and some decorations or pretty washi tapes (if you want, it is of course not necessary).

Step one is to make a 'Future log'. This is the page where you can write down your plans that are in another month. There are lots of different layouts for future logs but I enjoy a simple one where I just write down the names of the months. It works for me.

Next step is a monthly view. I always make a new monthly view at the start of the month and then I just go back to my future log and look what I have planned for the month and transfer the tasks to the monthly view.

Here I've just listed the dates under each other and glued in a tiny calendar.

Next step is the fun part of a bullet journal - add any lists, challenges or trackers or anything that you like. It might be a "Books I've read this month", Tv-shows I should watch", "Mood tracker" or whatever you can think of! Here I've made a "Happiness list" where I write down one thing I'm happy about each day.

Then we've come to the 'Weekly log'. I make a new one each Sunday and plan the whole week. Right now I love this kind of layout with circles so it's easy to see when I'm doing what and how much time I have left over. 

Here's a close up on my Monday circle. It starts at 9.00 in the morning and ends at 20.00 at the evening. When I have a task for a specific time I just draw a line from the time and write the task next to it.

Here's a easy way to decorate and a great place to start if you're a newbie to planners and planner decorating  - washi tape. Buy a couple of washi tapes and you will see that it adds sooo much to the page. Here I've used 3 different kinds and it already looks a lot more fun than before.

If you want to add some stickers and some more bits and pieces it might look like this! Super cute and easy. If you don't have lots of supplies home you can cut out pictures from magazines or use paper with nice colors. It doesn't have to (and shouldn't) be a burden to decorate. It's just an extra personal touch to your bullet journal. Try not to make it too perfect. If you mess up there's always a new week to try again.

One great tip is to color in how long a task takes and maybe use different colors for different kinds of tasks. I use for example red for meetings or seminars and green for household work.

Now some people also make 'daily logs' that they fill in every day. Here is what one daily log could look like. In the right corner you can see the 'key' to bullet journaling that many people use. I don't usually make a daily log at all cause I don't have that many tasks to do in a day so it feels a bit unnecessary, but if you're a super busy person you could try it!

That was the basics of how I bullet journal. If you're still confused about something just ask me in the comments! There are also loads of Youtube videos that explain thoroughly how you can start your own bullet journal.

<3 Josso

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