My bullet journal.

Since I last wrote about my calendar I have abandoned it a bit and started a bullet journal instead. I love, love the bullet journal system and if you haven't heard about it go look at a video about it on youtube! It is a very simple and customizable system that works way better for me than the filofax did. For my bullet journal I use this traveler's notebook I bought from Flying Tiger with two inserts. In the picture you can also see some of my favorite post-it notes.

I have one insert where I write about past events - memories, what I've been doing every day and stuff like that. The 'future' insert is my calendar where I every week on Sunday make a new weekly spread and decorate it with washi tape, stickers and other fun things.

Here you can see what one of my monthly 'memory' spreads can look like. I write about what I've been doing every day. I've been doing this since December now and it is really fun to look back on and remember all the things I've done.

Here is a couple of my weekly spreads. I often try different types of spreads that I've seen on Pinterest or Instagram but now I've started to love this "circle-spread" so much that I don't wanna use anything else. It's super useful when I can easily see how much time I have instead of just making one long list with everything I should do. I try not to be such a perfectionist when I make my spreads cause the focus should be on being more effective with the calendar, not to make it the most prettiest calendar ever. As you can see I have one week tried to keep a track on how much water I drink, I'm often so bad at drinking water, but that didn't really work cause I just forgot all the time to write how many glasses I've been drinking. The best thing about bullet journals is that you can always change them so they are the most useful for you.

<3 Josso


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