The return of the Josso.

Hi everyone! I've been absent from my blog for quite some time now, I have struggled with anxiety and depression and didn't have the energy to craft or blog or do anything for a long time. But I got professional help and now I am feeling so much better, so don't worry about me. :--)

I wanted to start blogging again cause I feel like it is so fun to store all of the things I am creating somewhere so I can look at them anytime I want. Of course it is also fun if someone comments on my amazing creations once in a while. ;) But yes, that was all I wanted to tell you now. Stay tuned for more blogposts in the next couple of weeks! If you have any questions or suggestions on blogposts just write me a comment.

<3 Josso

Ps. The picture is of my new stickers from the sticker subscription club Pipsticks I recently joined. If you're interested in joining I have a 5 dollar coupon I can e-mail you. It costs about 15 dollars per month and the postage to Europe is only 3 dollars! Really amazing! (And no I'm not sponsored, lol, I wish...  :D)

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